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Skema Conseil Group extends its activities in China

11 avril 2019 : Romane Rappin

Skema Conseil Group extends its activities in China
Cette semaine, Skema Conseil revient sur l'ouverture d'une antenne sur le campus chinois de SKEMA à Suzhou. C'est un travail de longue haleine qui aboutit, notamment grâce à l'aide des Alumni Skema Conseil qui portent toujours haut et fort, plusieurs années après, les couleurs de la Junior-Entreprise de SKEMA Business School. Cet engagement nous permet aujourd'hui d'avoir cette vision internationale et l'ambition d'étendre notre activité à l'étranger. Cette première ouverture signe le début d'une nouvelle aventure Skema Conseil à l'international !

English version below

Skema Conseil Group, founded in 1969 and implanted in the 3 French campuses, is the Junior-Enterprise association of SKEMA Business School.

Fifty years after its launch, the members of Skema Conseil Group consider that it is mandatory to expand the association on the International campuses of SKEMA, in order to be part of the Global network of their school.

This is why this semester they decided to launch Skema Conseil on the Suzhou campus.

As SKEMA Business School aims and encourages its students to have both international education and professional experiences, it seems definitely logical for its associations to follow the same way.


Alexandra Burla, founder and President of Skema Conseil Suzhou, felt immediately motivated by the project and, is ready to handle this new challenge.

Former President of Skema Conseil [Nice Campus] in 2017/2018, this new association composed of 12 members can already count on her experience and managerial skills.

Well-motivated to develop and implement strategic projects in China, all the members of Skema Conseil Suzhou work efficiently to launch their first events before the end of the semester to be part of the SKEMA Suzhou student’s life, with the great help and support of SKEMA’s Administration.  As Anya Ben Mansour (Vice President of Skema Conseil Suzhou) said “It is really important for the members of the team to permit all the Suzhou campus students to benefits of our events”. Also, we really would like to have more Chinese students in the association next semester because we really think this experience could be great for them and they have a lot to bring us.


Indeed, the activity of Skema Conseil in China may be quite different at the beginning, compared to France, but the final goal is the same: providing professional advices for both students and professionals.

In fact,  Skema Conseil Suzhou  has three main projects for this semester.

The first one is to build relationships with professionals and companies implanted in China, in order to propose conferences and trainings for students. It is a perfect way to develop their knowledges, skills and network in addition to their courses.

The second project aims to help students to better know and understand the local and global business market by providing them business news and information, through different formats: a bi-monthly newsletter and podcasts.

Finally, the last project that Skema Conseil Suzhou wants to implement is to help local entrepreneurs. Indeed, some of them may not afford the price of a consulting agency, which is an important step to develop a business. The association would provide this service thanks to their professional experiences and knowledges acquired during their SKEMA courses.


Being in China is a great opportunity, not only for our personal life, but professional life as well. It is our entire responsibility to catch those opportunities. Meeting new people, evolving in a multicultural environment, developing projects, discovering the Chinese culture and new ways of doing business, are part of the many advantages of Skema Conseil Suzhou. The team really wants to help students to have a clear vision on the Chinese business. The association just started to write its story, ready to read the next chapter ?


More details on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/skema-conseil-china